Wigge & Partners has advised the bank of the European Union, European Investment Bank, in connection with a financing of the Investor-owned company Affibody. The loan shall finance development of biopharmaceuticals against cancer etc.

27 December 2022

Wigge & Partners has advised the European Investment Bank (EIB) in connection with the bank´s entering into a loan facility agreement with Affibody Medical AB (publ) granting Affibody a €20 million loan divided into three tranches. If Affibody utilizes the loan, EIB will be entitled to warrants in addition to the interest on the loan amount.

The team has consisted of Lisa Antman (Partner), Andreas Malmberg (Partner) and Klara Larsson (Associate).

For further reading: https://www.di.se/live/investoragda-affibody-far-eu-lan-pa-20-miljoner-euro/